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Food Photography Pasta

Food Photography Portfolio

Mai jos redau câteva exemple de fotografii realizate de mine pentru proprietari de restaurante, firme de catering, proprietari fast food, cafenele, cofetării, baruri, terase etc..

Prețurile pornesc de la 150 euro/ședința foto. Ședința foto durează maxim 2 ore și vei primi maxim 30 de fotografii prelucrate pentru internet sau pentru print. Se emite factură. Prețul nu conține tva.

Pentru ședințe foto mai ample, pentru programări sau pentru informații suplimentare mă poți contacta la:

Telefon: 0722 656 664

La cerere pot face propuneri pentru design și print materiale tipărite. De asemenea pot face propuneri pentru webdesign site-uri de prezentare sau magazine online.

Enjoy some samples of my food photography photos.

For prices and booking of a food photo session contact me at



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Woocommerce templates suitable for your mobile phone

I work a lot with Woocommerce, the plugin that converts your WordPress site in an online shop. Last week I was looking for a suitable Woocommerce template that looks good on a mobile phone.

Free Woocomeerce templates

I found that most of the free templates don’t look good on the mobile phone’s because they don’t have my requested conditions:

  • big titles and prices
  • good desktop layout
  • excellent mobile phone layout

I look from a lot of free templates but I found only one that I liked and I used it on my rebranded affiliate website.

Paid Woocomeerce templates

The only site that provides Woocommerce templates that I liked was Template Monster. The templates I selected are:

Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash


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PDF Converter

Free online PDF converter review

I am always searching for good PDF converter online. It is a very useful tool and I use it a lot for small average jobs.

As a result of my previous articles, the guys from contact me to review their online service.

I was surprised to find a very clean interface and very fast and accurate pdf related services. Yes, there are a lot of other PDF edit  functions on this site, beside PDF converting ones, like:

  • PDF merger (combine as many pdf documents as you like)
  • PDF splitter
  • PDF compressor (makes file 40% smaller)
  • PDF rotator (interesting is that you can rotate only some specific pages from a multiple page document)
  • PDF protect (you can set up a password for you pdf file)
  • PDF grayscale (convert color documents to grayscale ones)

I tested all of these functions and they work perfectly. You have to be aware that those functions are for average users, that don’t need to do professionals pdf editing jobs.

But the big and very various part of the site is the …

PDF converter service

So you can convert:

  • PDF to image (jpg, png, bmp, and tiff)
  • PDF to Word – known as OCR service is very useful
  • PDF to Excel – also an OCR function available only on paid software

There are also converters that I couldn’t find even on paid OCR software like:

  • PDF to PPTX (PowerPoint files)
  • PDF to TXT
  • PDF to EPUB (specialized eBook files)
  • PDF to SVG (specialized files websites design like logos with transparent background)

You can do also some reverse conversions like:

  • Word to PDF
  • Image to PDF
  • Epub to PDF
  • Latex to PDF – if you don’t have a clue like what those files are you can read here about them.

I tested all of the above and they work very well, fast and accurate.


  • Fast and accurate PDF converter service
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Very intuitive interface
  • The files are cleaned from the server after 15 minutes
  • The service is totally free not like other sites that I review in previous articles


  • For the majority of those services, you can work with files that have a maximum of 5 Mb. It means that you can work with black and white documents with maximum 10 pages and with color documents that have 4-5 pages. That is for printed documents that have to be 300 dpi. If you have documents that are destinated for the screen ( documents for websites or presentations has 72 dpi), you can work with files with many more pages. I understand this restriction from the point of view of much larger resources needed. May in the future they will increase the file size that you can process.
  • The PNG files that I obtained from pdf documents don’t appear to be with transparent background as they should be. But this is a very surprising function that even professional software doesn’t have. So I couldn’t expect that a free service can do this.
  • Some PDF files that I converted to Word documents have some minor errors, but the service is much better than others I tested.

Looking forward

In the meantime, they promise to send me a desktop version of their online software that I am very anxious to test it.

So see you later!


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash



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Free online logo maker

Review of DesignEvo, free online logo maker

A few days ago I was asked to review, an online logo maker website. As I am always looking for online tools, I was happy to take a look.

First impressions

The website design is clean and easy to use. The account making process is quick, in two steps with e-mail confirmation, but with facebook login.

The logo maker section is very easy to use. You can choose from tons of templates or you can design your own logo. You have access to many fonts and icons.

What is free?

After you finished your logo you can download a 500 x 500 pixels low-resolution image, watermark free, of your design. You can also download a transparent logo, also 500 x 500 pixels. This is more than enough for your facebook page or for your website. For the free logo, you have to give credit to the site.

You can save in your account 3 free logos. After that, you have to delete the old ones to replace them with new ones. But you can keep all your creations on your computer.

This low-resolution image is also good for your clients. You can send them a sample of the design. You can always enter in your account and edit the logo until the client is satisfied. After that, you will purchase the logo.

Here is a quick free logo I made for one of my sites. I am pretty satisfied with it.

How much is a full-size logo?

If the client like your design, or if you are satisfied with your logo, you can download a full resolution image 5000 x 5000 pixels. You will have also a transparent logo. You can print on anything from business cards to posters this high-resolution image. But all of this comes with a price of 19,99 $/logo.

If you want a vector logo, for big prints you have to pay 39,99 $/logo and you have the right to trademark the customized purchased logo.

Here is my new high-resolution logo for my travel blog.


I recommend this site for designers, web designers to rich inspiration for their clients. I strongly recommend this site for your own projects. At the end, I will provide my quick photographer logo made in 1 minute with


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Stock Photography

Swiss Mountain Railway
© Tudor Stanica | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Here one of my top downloaded image which has been approved on one of Dreamstime’s Assignments. I produce and sell mostly travel photography and I sell images also on Shutterstock, Istock and Fotolia. This is not a business for me, it is like a hobby but you can make good money from stock photography if you treat it like a business. I use most of my images for my travel blog.

You can see :



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