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Review of DesignEvo, free online logo maker

A few days ago I was asked to review, an online logo maker website. As I am always looking for online tools, I was happy to take a look.

First impressions

The website design is clean and easy to use. The account making process is quick, in two steps with e-mail confirmation, but with facebook login.

The logo maker section is very easy to use. You can choose from tons of templates or you can design your own logo. You have access to many fonts and icons.

What is free?

After you finished your logo you can download a 500 x 500 pixels low-resolution image, watermark free, of your design. You can also download a transparent logo, also 500 x 500 pixels. This is more than enough for your facebook page or for your website. For the free logo, you have to give credit to the site.

You can save in your account 3 free logos. After that, you have to delete the old ones to replace them with new ones. But you can keep all your creations on your computer.

This low-resolution image is also good for your clients. You can send them a sample of the design. You can always enter in your account and edit the logo until the client is satisfied. After that, you will purchase the logo.

Here is a quick free logo I made for one of my sites. I am pretty satisfied with it.

How much is a full-size logo?

If the client like your design, or if you are satisfied with your logo, you can download a full resolution image 5000 x 5000 pixels. You will have also a transparent logo. You can print on anything from business cards to posters this high-resolution image. But all of this comes with a price of 19,99 $/logo.

If you want a vector logo, for big prints you have to pay 39,99 $/logo and you have the right to trademark the customized purchased logo.

Here is my new high-resolution logo for my travel blog.


I recommend this site for designers, web designers to rich inspiration for their clients. I strongly recommend this site for your own projects. At the end, I will provide my quick photographer logo made in 1 minute with


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